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Chelmsford’s Brookside Aesthetics On How To Tackle Profuse Sweating

The owner of Brookside Aesthetics in Chelmsford on a common problem facing many men this summer: profuse sweating (by Karen Chester)

When summer arrives, we all want to have our bodies looking and feeling great, and when you hit the gym or do any physical exercise your body starts to perspire. The body has a natural thermostat that starts to work harder, regulating our temperatures to make us feel and smell fresh.

Summer is a time where we all look forward to being able to dress up, attend outside events, go on holidays, all in the hope of not having to wear jumpers or a coat.

Whilst the weather is heating up so are our bodies, sweating is a natural part of our everyday life; however, excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis has become very common in men, and unfortunately comes with some unwanted side effects, one being damp noticeable patches that can stain your clothes and give off a bad odour, chafed thighs that become irritated and sore, and skin breakouts that are common on the back and chest.

Working in an office sitting at your desk or when you are having a meal with a friend, if the sweating is dictating what you wear and how you are interacting with people, that’s usually excessive sweating. People find sweating is undesirable in certain social situations, and this can also have a mental effect on the individual.

Make sure you play it cool this summer

Excessive sweating in most cases has no underlying causes and can be present in different areas of the body. As with all sweating this starts at puberty, however, excessive sweating can occasionally be linked to medication, diabetes, thyroid disorder, and can also be hereditary. Excessive sweating can also occur during the cooler time of the year, but it is worse during warm weather.

Renowned Doctor Aamer Khan from Harley Street Skin Clinic had this to say about treatments for excessive sweating. “Different treatments are used for different areas of the body. The most common and embarrassing area for men is the arm pits. When speaking to a sufferer of excessive sweating I would look at the medical history and what the patient is currently applying to the area, in most cases I would then initially prescribe a topical antiperspirant.

“I would also consider offering medical botox injections in the area of concern, this is a quick non-invasive treatment that has an incredible effect on paralysing the sweat gland and can have an effect from six to nine months. This treatment can give a man an instant up lift and confidence.”

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